1. Here's my asshole dog for reference
  2. Looks fluffy and friendly right?
  3. Here's the thing... He knows he's fluffy and friendly so when you don't acknowledge him and you hurt his feelings.
  4. Feelings hurt.
  5. Then when you're out for a run and you want to go home because you live in fucking Texas and you realize that now matter how shaded the area is its still a billion degrees and the humidity is causing your eyebrows to drip.
  6. And that's when you remember that you put on eye brow pencil this morning because you have super blond eye brows and now it's dripping down your face.
  7. So you jog your dog to your car. And then your asshole dog refuses to get in.
  8. He fucking refuses and crowd gathered and was like oh my god he's so cute. And then he put on a show.
  9. I look happy
  10. But I mortified at my dog who refuses to get in. And my boyfriend who is laughing hysterically at me.
  11. Look at the gloating face.
  12. The last picture isn't from today. It's from two weeks ago. Because he's always gloating about something