For everyone that requested it.
  1. 1. First if you are like me my body gains muscle easily. But drops fat slowly. So you have to gain your mass two to three months ahead of time.
  2. 2. Then you have to do workout to drop the weight like the death march.
    Where you hold a 45 lb plate above your head in Texas heat and walk up a hill 100X
  3. Or run stairs of a parking garage and have to do it under 65 seconds every time or you have to start your rounds all over. One time I had to run a parking garage 60 times.
    I puked and cried. And I was shaking so bad. I sat in my car for an hour wondering why I did this.
  4. 3. A month out you cut your diet. You eat boiled chicken and green beans for lunch and dinner. Breakfast protein smoothie.
  5. 4. During the last two weeks you lather yourself in this gel called sweet sweat. Put on as many layers as you can and hop on the assault bike.
  6. 5. Three days before you cut out he green beans.
  7. 6. You limit your water intake. And you sit in a steaming hot bath in sweat pants and a hoodie. Until you make weight.
  8. 7. Twelve hours before you don't drink or eat anything.
  9. 8. Then you make weight and eat boiled chicken green beans and protein shake for breakfast and lunch before the fight and a gallon of water.
  10. FYI I don't eat chicken anymore.
  11. Update:
  12. Other Things I have done to make weight which is bad for you.
    Taken epicac before a fight to get the last water out.
  13. Not eat for four days.
  14. Drank pedilight to rehydrate.
  15. Literally eaten salt to suck up water. Salt may bloat but it doesn'tadd in pounds.
  16. Spit method eat food chew don't swallow spit .
  17. Laxatives
  18. I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it