1. Do it. Love you!
  2. What are you drinking?
    Suggested by @elmospimpingme
  3. Ask you a secret?
    Like, how do I do dat?
    Suggested by @Boogie
  4. That video I posted to Facebook of me rescuing a duckling out of a storm drain? I was the one who pushed him in there.
    Suggested by @Gola
  5. @Boogie tell me a secret.
  6. @elmospimpingme tequila Fresca
  7. @Gola did the duck deserve it. Also why do you still have a Facebook. Isn't it like a cesspool of sadness
  8. My secret is I hate Bloody Marys and I only order them when I don't want to drink but also don't wanna explain why I'm not drinking
    Suggested by @Boogie
  9. @Boogie my secret is that I love bitch beer.
  10. What famous cocktail would you like to try?
    Oh and a secret: Venezuelans are always the life of the party. 😎
    Suggested by @Jaycer17
  11. @Jaycer17 of course they are! I wouldn't doubt that! Also I would love to find a scotch drink that didn't make me want to vomit.
  12. Are you going to run tomorrow even when you're hungover?!
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  13. @jannychan yes and the gym. Because of course I gate myself