From a frustrated dog sitter.
  1. 1. Please if you hire someone let's say like for ten days. DON'T leave an empty fridge or pantry. We end up using most of our money on groceries so we don't starve or let your animals starve.
  2. 2. Please clean your house somewhat. Like it doesn't have to be perfect. But if you want us to sleep and shower are disgusting I'm gonna hate you.
  3. 3.Please leave us emergency contact info and when you will be leaving and coming home.
  4. 4.If your dog has a medical emergency or if it's super sick leave a credit card hidden in your house somewhere. You don't have to tell me where. Unless something happens.
  5. In return I'll take great care of your fur babies. I'll wash all the dishes. And my sheets and towels before i leave. I'll even vacuum and mop if you're super nice.