Into it!

  1. So fucking funny. Watch it on Netflix.
  2. Back at the gym.
    Just found out my gym is 24 hours every day now.
  3. Blk water
  4. Matches my soul
  5. Keva smoothies
    Better than jamba or the king.
  6. Furiously happy
    The only book worth reading.
  7. Not really into much else so far.
  8. The hilarious world of depression podcast
    The dick cavett one is awesome. Give it a shot. It's comedians talking about depression.
  9. ABC's show conviction.
    If this gets cancelled I'll be angry.
  10. Minimalist podcast
    This podcast is literally making me question everything but in a wonderful way.
  11. Just launched today. Build your own set of 4 for $24 including shipping.
  12. A series of unfortunate events.
    It's good.
  13. ACLU Texas
    Volunteer opportunities!
  14. I'm really into this new update. People who don't like it can suck it. This update was for me. ( not true. Also I love you. Don't suck whatever. )