1. It makes me so angry that I'm 26 years old
  2. Been in college for 3 years consecutively Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters
  3. And this is the first semester I have been privileged enough to have a POC professor.
  4. The lack of cultural diversity in this country when it comes to teaching in our communities is maddening.
  5. Yes, I'm white, but I'm also majoring sociology, someone who is literally studying the effects of what the lack of diversity has done to country in our education system.
  6. Let me break it down for you.
  7. More black males in jail than anyone else...
  8. More black youth in solitary confinement than anyone else...
  9. A flawed and failed economic system that says you can get the job you want as long as you know someone up top, but that person up top is most likely a white male.
  10. We have to change. And it starts by saying This is wrong.
  11. We are wrong.
  12. Yes I'm white but my whiteness isn't an excuse to apologize and move forward and bury my head in the sand.
  13. It's a reason to stand with POC and say you deserve to be equal and not to be oppressed. You deserve safety and to be the person up top with the connections.
  14. We have to change.