1. First off you need to know how to get your macros.
  2. Head over to bodybuilding.com and count your macros. You can also type count your macros calculator in google it's the first or second one up.
  3. Make sure you put in your weight, goals, and active level honestly. Lol
  4. Download these two apps.
  5. The orange one will tell you how much you have allowed left of fat, protein, and carbs left after you enter your goals from body building
  6. The bottom shows you your total calories.
  7. Then the exercise app will help you focus more in on your goals.
  8. You can look up exercises daily, and add them to your daily workout, and show your calories burned.
  9. Don't forget that if you can't hit your protein goals then you need to supplement your protein with drinks, supplements, BUT avoid protein bars. Not worth the 30 grams of carbs. Carbs will get you!!!!!
  10. If you feel like your goals are too high. Like I adjusted my fat lower then do it within reason.
  11. Questions?