My asshole dog got a haircut and I'm distraught

  1. First off he had to have his hair cut short because he starts laser cooling therapy on his hips next week. And he's too much of a fluff monster for the therapy to work.
    Fluff monster
  2. So we called up our groomer and they ensured me He would be well taken care of.
    Off we went.
  3. Literally 8 hours later I got a call saying he was ready.
  4. And this is now my asshole dog.
  5. He does look a bit happier although I forgot to warn the groomer he has ticklish paws and he donkey kicked her.
  6. He's pretty worn out.
  7. Here's to laser therapy ! It better be worth it. Also yes, he wears drool bibs, my mother makes them, and I have about 15-20 of them because as you can see he goes through about 3 a day. If they aren't dirty from drool it's soaked with water because he loves to dip his face in the water with his bib.