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  1. Emiliee Sagee
  2. She was a teacher, who in 16 years changed positions and schools 19 times. Which many believe is due to girls seeing her doppelgänger over and over.
  3. Her spectral twin was first seen during a class, as 13 students witnessed the doppelganger standing by Sagee’s side and mirroring her movements.
  4. It would stand behind her as she ate, mimicking her movements. Sagee was clueless about those times but did actually become groggy and light headed when her ghost twin appeared.
  5. Eventually, her ghost twin would appear when Sagee left the room. She would be seen in the garden or down the hall, and her doppelgänger would be seen in the classroom sitting or standing never talking or moving.
  6. Eventually parents pulled their daughters out of class because of this.
  7. The last time she was fired she said " oh no not again." Sagee became somewhat terrified to leave the home she shared with her sister. For fear that it would happen again.
  8. Static
  9. There is a fantastic lore podcast on dopplegangers I highly suggest it.