Requested by @Boogie
  1. My title would be Adorably Inappropriate
  2. First episode would be with guest drag superstar Rupaul and how the gay community is constantly being appropriated by mainstream media.
  3. A lot of sayings we identify as cool or new actually started with the gay community and mostly with drag men and women
  4. "Werk." "That's the tea. " "slay" and so forth are often used by straight media when it was taken from gay culture.
  5. I think it's important to recognize this as the LGBTQ community has always been underrepresented and forced into the shadows.
  6. Rupaul has famously stated that the straight community from all racial backgrounds have taken the gay communities sayings. I think it's really important to have his voice tell an audience where these sayings come from and why it is okay or isn't okay to use them.
  7. My second episode would be all about weird sex fetishes and I would have my best girlfriends on the panel guessing what the fetish is and telling stories.