Podcasts I listen to ranked.

Favorite to meh.
  1. Last Podcast on the left
    In depth. Great facts and research. Hilarious voices and they cover weird shit.
  2. My favorite murder
    Funny. They don't always cover mainstream murders.
  3. Rabbits
    I mean conspiracy theories, computer hacking, missing people. Love.
  4. Tanis
    Nic silvers voice is soothing.
  5. Myths and legends podcast
    Don't look up what he looks like. His face doesn't match his voice. And it's concerning.
  6. Dumb people town
    I didn't think I would like this format because they did a live show right out of the gate but they have something there.
  7. Crime writers on
    This isn't my most favorite. A lot of writers talking about podcasts. It's good except they forgets that these are real people they are talking about. And only care about the story not their lives. I get it they're writers But sometimes I cringe when they don't consider the things they say.
  8. True crime garage
    I only like them when they cover crimes I haven't heard of. The captain is a feminist without trying to be. Very nice.
  9. The black tapes
    It will be higher when they come back on. Last season got a little too chaotic for me. And ended abruptly. Season one was the best they need to swing it back in that direction. Also the bad accents don't help. ( not the Canadian ones)
  10. S town podcast
    There's a lot wrong with this podcast and just a few things that are right that kept me listening. The narrator is the only like able one. If you like seeing white peoples at their absolute worse this is your podcast. I have a lot of pent up rage towards the promotion and voice they gave a bunch of sexist racist stealing assholes.
  11. My dad wrote a porno
    Season one was so good. Season two they realized they could make money off the show and wrote a book about a book? Very stupid.
  12. I listen to like ten other podcasts but they're currently not on or I had to look them up to remember them. So not super important?
  13. Honorable mention
  14. Reply all podcast
    The show is good. Well produced. Favorite segment yes yes no.