Podcasts that I'm into and no one I know is.

I'm a podcast junkie. Also add yours.
  1. My Favorite Murder
    Literally amazing and hilarious. But not in the way where they make fun of the victim. They're my people.
  2. Last Podcast on the Left
    Incredibly research, funny, and inappropriate
  3. Casefile true crime
    Accent? ✔️ good unheard stories? ✔️
  4. Criminal
    Perfect for NPR lovers. Also crime. Not murder.
  5. Undisclosed podcast
    They're not on Adnan anymore. A new case. also John cryer is on it on Thursdays.
  6. Remarkable lives. Tragic deaths. And the unsolved murders podcast
    If you love voice actors. You'll love this.
  7. Myths and legends podcast
    His voice is my favorite. I have a crush on his voice.
  8. Tanis and Black Tapes