1. Nbc has a real fucking problem with how they address women in sports.
    Saying ledecky is the female Michael Phelps is insulting. She has been known to swim better than half the men in Olympic trainings.
  2. You never hear sports casters call men boys why are you referring to the women athletes as girls?!! Some of them are older than the "men"
  3. Simone Biles is not the " LeBron" of her sport. She's the best in her sport and an amazing athlete period. She has a fucking move named after her.
  4. For the love of everything even if the coach is someone's husband please remember they didn't fucking swim the race. They didn't combine all their training and beat the world record. The female swimmer did!
  5. Why are you talking about the appearance of females athletes but I don't ever hear you mention talks of the men in their little spandex shorts? Or lochtes hair? The only time you did was when the women basically dehumanized the Tonga Judo flag carrier.
  6. Get it together. You guys have had to already apologize three times week.