In honor of a girls night out coming up. Here's a horror story.
  1. One night out with my bestie we were drunk as fuck
  2. We went to this bar where the dart boards were like walled in except where you threw them. So three walls.
  3. Anywho there's a table right by the dart boards that we always try to grab so we hit on dudes as the play.
  4. And it works every time. We are sitting there and these hot AF med students come over to play.
  5. And of course some jam at the time comes on over the speakers and I start dancing as drunk brynne does.
  6. Well the hot med guys were like show us your gogo moves! ( thanks for telling them leslie) so i jumped up on the wall ( legs on the wall hands on the floor. Like a mother fuckin wheel barrel) and start twerking. Well when I jump down my heel directly lands into a dart.
  7. So then I'm drunk crying. I'm yelling at the med students that they're terrible doctors and why won't they help.
  8. They're like so excited to take this dart out of my foot. But my homie leslie is like brynne look at my face and then she just yanks out the dart.
  9. And then the next day I went and got a tetanus shot.
  10. The end.