1. Pajama sets.
    Like a god damn put together adult.
  2. Nightwatch is back on.
    New Orleans paramedics and cops being badasses.
  3. My new job. 🙌🏻
    The kids are super nice. The littlest one is a talker. Which is cute.
  4. My new boss.
    Who capitalize the L in my last name but like at least she spelled it right. K love her.
  5. Being finished with school for the semester!
  6. Getting my hair done.
    Y'all I feel so pretty.
  7. Enjoying the weather with my puppy.
    He loves the cold air. And we are letting his hair grow back in.
  8. Salads! Eating them voluntarily
    My mom is convinced I make the best salads. And she's right.
  9. Water water water.
    Slowly trying to quit soda.
  10. Finding out I have ulcers and am not crazy.
    I swear i knew that's why oranges made me puke. Now it's confirmed.
  11. Finding out I have a whole work week off and I'm getting paid for it.