First off it would be every three months not monthly. Because everything is better when you forgot about it then you get a happy surprise and it's worth the wait.
  1. First thing you would get a hand written compliment.
    My staff would stalk your social media and be like " damn girl congrats on your marathon! I'll be napping for you!"
  2. Second a beauty blender to replace your old one because it needs to be replaced more often than you think.
  3. Third, a small face scrub or bath bomb that smells like pure fancy luxury.
    I got one that smelled like lemon wonderment one time and it made my life.
  4. Socks. Seriously socks.
    There's always a pair you need to throw away.
  5. Hair mask
    Treat yo self.
  6. Free download of an audio book or album.
  7. Some type of healthy snack you will become obsessed with.
  8. A hilarious item that you will laugh and laugh and laugh that you got in the mail.
  9. A fancy pen.
    Because three months ago you got one in a box and lost it and miss it.
  10. Chapstick.