I probably didn't do this right.
  1. Because My parents raised me Mormon
  2. Because I was excommunicated
  3. Because I broke my arm at 11 and got fat and noticed it.
  4. Then I was bulimic for 13 years.
  5. Because I read every Charles dickens book by 10.
  6. Because I have a lisp
  7. Because I named my first cat algebra.
  8. Because I have chronic pain.
  9. Because I know black lives matter.
  10. Because I love banana pudding
  11. Because Eric Clapton and BB king was my first concert.
  12. Because three dog night was my second.
  13. Because my dad didn't freak out when I moved in with my boyfriend.
  14. Because my dog is my only child I want.
  15. Because I was struck by lightning
  16. Because no one believes I'm 26.
  17. Because I can drink tequila straight.
  18. Because I have a dry sense of humor.