ABC Men from the UK that I'm Super Down For

Happy to objectify men as much as possible. Alphabetically, obviously.
  1. Andrew Garfield
    lil cutie pie
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch
    Call me a cumberbitch.
  3. Colin Farrell
    What a gorgeous, bruting man.
  4. Dominic Cooper
    Been crushing on him since before Mamma Mia.
  5. Ed Westwick
    The names Bass... Chuck Bass.
  6. Finn Harries
    That cap though.
  7. Greg Wise
    Mr. Willoughby may be a gold digging pig but damn those eyes.
  8. Henry Cavill
    That jawline.
  9. Idris Elba
  10. Jude Law
    The Holiday Jude Law. Tanned & most swoon worthy.
  11. Kit Harrington
    I think this is obvious.
  12. Luke Evans
    So masculine.
  13. Michael Fassbender
    I mean we've all seen the bulge...
  14. Nicholas Hoult
    Grew up watching this cutie pie.
  15. Oliver Jackson-Cohen
    The British version of Scott Speedman
  16. Peter Sarsgaard
    Don't really know what to say...
  17. Robert Pattinson
    Not a huge Twilight person but I can get down for Pattinson
  18. Sam Claflin
    That smile, those dimples.
  19. T is a three way tie
  20. Theo James
    Ever since Downton Abbey I've been in love.
  21. Tom Cullen
    Same for Cullen here.
  22. Tom Hiddleston
  23. Ukweli Roach
    What a smolder.
  24. Vinnie Jones
    Again...not sure what to say.
  25. William Moseley
    Tween me will always swoon for Mr. Moseley.
  26. Zayn Malik
    Always my #1 1D member.
  27. I promise you, I tried for Q, X & Y but alas I am without!