1. House of Blues Anaheim - Summer 2001
    Dogwood opened for them and they played most stuff off Identity Crisis. Maybe a few new songs from Illiusion of Safety.
  2. Quakes Stadium - Summer 2004
    A rare outdoor show that was like Warped Tour except they played a full set.
  3. House of Blues Hollywood - Fall 2003
    This was the Artist and the Ambulance tour and all I remember was they played for soooo long. Close to 2 hours?
  4. House of Blues San Diego - Summer 2016
    Most recently and was amazing because I watched from in the stage. Surreal.
  5. Palladium - Fall 2002
    The best intro to any concert I've ever been to. They had this hooded guy introduce them with really bizarre, almost cult chanting playing. When they walked on stage, they were dressed like the Cobra Kai guys did on Halloween including full skeleton makeup.