My favorite podcasts I haven't seen other folks list

I've enjoyed learning about new podcasts from other users and have seen some favorites (Serial, Here's The Thing, The Longest Shortest Time, Dear Sugar) appear elsewhere. Here are three that I haven't seen mentioned that I wanted to share.
  1. On Being
    Krista Tippett is such a skilled interviewer. Hardly a podcast goes by without her subject saying something like, "wow, what a great question" and these aren't slouches she's sitting down with. Some of my favorites are: Bobbi McFerrin, Martin Sheen, Anne Hamilton, Father Greg Boyle, John O'Donahue, Mary Oliver.
  2. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    His five part series (3 hours each) on World War I blew me out of the water. I learned so much and was captivated by his storytelling. Now I'm listening to his series on Gengis Khan and am again immersed a fascinating history lesson.
  3. The Joe Rogan Experience
    These are long, often rant-filled, rollicking conversations between Joe Rogan and whoever he invited to chat that day. Who is Joe? A comedian, Mixed Martial Arts fighter, pot-smoker, health nut. I listened to him interview: Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate for President; Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a doctor who has lots to say about optimizing health through our understanding of biochemistry; Thaddeus Russell, a professor turned renegade who wants to redesign education.