I've enjoyed learning about new podcasts from other users and have seen some favorites (Serial, Here's The Thing, The Longest Shortest Time, Dear Sugar) appear elsewhere. Here are three that I haven't seen mentioned that I wanted to share.
  1. On Being
    Krista Tippett is such a skilled interviewer. Hardly a podcast goes by without her subject saying something like, "wow, what a great question" and these aren't slouches she's sitting down with. Some of my favorites are: Bobbi McFerrin, Martin Sheen, Anne Hamilton, Father Greg Boyle, John O'Donahue, Mary Oliver.
  2. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    His five part series (3 hours each) on World War I blew me out of the water. I learned so much and was captivated by his storytelling. Now I'm listening to his series on Gengis Khan and am again immersed a fascinating history lesson.
  3. The Joe Rogan Experience
    These are long, often rant-filled, rollicking conversations between Joe Rogan and whoever he invited to chat that day. Who is Joe? A comedian, Mixed Martial Arts fighter, pot-smoker, health nut. I listened to him interview: Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate for President; Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a doctor who has lots to say about optimizing health through our understanding of biochemistry; Thaddeus Russell, a professor turned renegade who wants to redesign education.