What I learned about space today.

I was at the dedication of the new USPS space postage today and learned a few things about human space exploration over the last 50 years.
  1. Mercury
    Sending spacecraft to Mercury is tricky because apparently the physics of sending something from Earth towards the Sun means the spacecraft is moving too fast once it gets to Mercury. To make up for this they send the spacecraft to do a few laps around Venus to slow it down before heading to Mercury. I don't quite understand this because in other situations I know they use planets to slingshot spacecraft around to accelerate.
  2. Mars
    The Phoenix Lander has a windsock. There are sandstorm on Mars but of course Matt Damon taught us that.
  3. Jupiter
    One of Jupiter's 67 moons, Europa, has more liquid water than Earth.
  4. Neptune
    First planet that was discovered after its existence was predicted by math. Its orbital path crosses Plato's path.
  5. Pluto
    Holy crap the New Horizons mission is cool. Check out this video of the footage taken of the dwarf planets surface - https://youtu.be/B0xkupKwjfM
  6. Check out the new postage!
    These are all NASA images.
  7. This set commemorates the New Horizons Mission.