What I'm doing this summer in Madison, Wisconsin

I've lived here for fifteen years but in some ways I'm only starting to really revel in how great this town is. Any thing I should add? Suggestions are welcome!
  1. Picnic dinners on Picnic Point
    Just the right length hike for the kiddos. Plus great views, water and fire pits!
  2. Outdoor lunch dates with my husband
    We're already paying for childcare, so lunch dates = cheap dates. Bonus: I don't fall asleep from end-of-day exhaustion.
  3. Renting stand up paddleboards at Brittingham Boats
    It looks like a lot of fun and like muscles that I don't know I have will be sore the next day.
  4. Riding bikes to Concerts on the Square
    Wednesday nights in the summer the Symphony sets up so on the lawn of the Capitol. The crowd is huge, traffic is nuts (hence the bikes) so I've never been. This is my year.
  5. Exploring Governor Nelson State Park
    Another spot I've never been though it's just on the north side of Lake Mendota. I hear there's a waterfall?
  6. Cheering on the Madison Mallards
    Attending Star Wars Night is becoming our family tradition. I grew up in Alaska (no sports teams to really speak of) with parents who were not into any sports, so going to any sporting event is a huge people watching treat for me. I also have to have the rules explained to me nearly every time - I have zero memory for games.
  7. Taking in a birds eye view of town from the Capitol dome.
    My 5yo son loves to play hide and seek up there. I love seeing the city from a different vantage point.