Looking for a therapist is always a risky, vulnerable state. I'm very thankful to have found someone that is so skilled, experienced, kind yet firm. I thought it'd be helpful to write down some of the memorable pieces I'm trying to incorporate into my life.
  1. The most compassionate people are the most boundaried people.
    OK, so this is actually a Brene Brown quote, but when I first read it my reaction was, "Well, shit." I like to think of myself as a compassionate person, but I often say yes to things ands later find myself cursing under my breath about "so-and-so who made me do such-and-such."
  2. Boundaries are flexible and contextual expressions of self care
    Boundaries aren't fixed - I don't always need to say "yes" or"no" to a particular person, situation, or request. By assessing my own capacity, interest, needs, and abilities at a particular time I can make a healthy decision for myself.
  3. Being accommodating may earn you the reputation of being "nice" but often leads to resentment.
    See bullet one before making decisions.
  4. We're all doing our best with what we've got.
    Be kind to yourself and others. And sometimes being kind looks like saying no or speaking the truth.
  5. Sidenote: looking back over this list I wish I could rearrange the order of bullets easily.
    I'm new here. Is that possible? Am I missing something? Later: Did it! Shout out @andersun who helped me with this!