1. The Royal We reviews
    My love of this book knows no bounds, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I'm a cliche.
  2. The Royal We sequel
  3. Books to obsess over
    I'm having a real problem here, guys.
  4. Chicago weather
    This blizzard is not a joke. Let me go home, please and thank you.
  5. American Horror Story Murder House Airbnb
  6. Book hangovers
    I guess that's a thing?
  7. Running injury depression
  8. Australia flights
  9. Random people I'm interviewing
    Watch out. I can stalk.
  10. William and Kate
    This book obsession though...
  11. Health care
    I guess I was kind of productive today.
  12. How to be a good blogger
  13. How to figure out what you want to do with your life
    The ultimate question.
  14. Exercises to do at my desk
    I am turning into a potato, and swimsuit season is just around the corner.