You start with one plan and end with an adventure. I love New York.
  1. Ride in to city from New Jersey with Lillian and David
    Learn that there are 3 different ways to enter the city and you have to choose the bet possible route given time of day and traffic
  2. Plan places I want to go
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    Make random lists and notes that can in no way be accomplished in full
  3. Stand in standby line for The Chew
    Get rejected. Standby is HIGHLY unlikely. Don't try again unless I have a ticket and get there early anyways.
  4. Try to find a suit at Century 21
    Get annoyed, overwhelmed...feel poor...give up. Smile about the experience.
  5. Meet Dana at Penn Station
  6. Lunch at Eisenbergs Sandwich Shop as recommended by David
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    The atmosphere and experience made it. Gotta sit at the counter and talk to the guys who work there.
  7. Go to stationary and art shops in midtown journal shopping
  8. Hop on subway to put bags in flat
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    Find one of moms sharks teeth in the pocket of her jacket
  9. Hop back on subway with coffee in mind
  10. Peruse Chelsea Market
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    Get wine! And a "Today is Super!" Journal, and coffee, and see Macallan 17!!
  11. Art Gallery opening in Chelsea
    Amazing. Thursday nights in the gallery district seem to be a booze cruise for some...but learned so much about art and inspiration and "feeling." This art was inspired by architecture and completely changes form. Great conversation.
  12. Indian food in "Curry Hill"
    Chote Nawab
  13. Plan the next day