Finds and advice from a summer in Paris
  1. Jestine's Red
  2. Les Soldes only occur in January and July
    Take advantage of these sales!
  3. Chez le libanais
  4. Heetch > Uber
  5. Bululu Arepera
    Check times when open on website!
  6. Le Theatre Chatelet 📡
    (M Chatelet 4) Stand in line 25-30 min til showtime for discounted performance ticket
  7. McD's has free wifi 📡
    Don't have to necessarily go inside
  8. Shakespeare & Co Bookstore
    Right next to Notre Dame, English historic/famous bookshop
  9. Ile de St. Louis
    Behind Notre Dame...LOVE
  10. Bagelstein 📡
    Multiple located throughout Paris. Cool sit down and has Wifi
  11. Le Forum des Halles 📡
    (M Chatelet Les Halles) great shopping
  12. Au P'tit Grec
    Best crepes, on a cool street to walk, à envoyer only