Being a server was sometimes tricky as i was as surprised as they were at the shit they found!
  1. A hair
    When the hair is clearly a pube...:(
  2. Steel wool
    This customers' throat discovered the steel wool and I discovered the "situation" when he darted up from his chair, choking and seemingly pulling (very clown like) a long silvery scarf from his mouth. It wasn't a scarf and his throat was pretty messed up. Needless to say, he did not want another omelette!
  3. A huge steel bolt
    There's a certain raising of the hand that screams..."there's something wrong with my food". What do you tell someone that finds a massive steel bolt in their very soft fruit-filled crepe? "You got screwed" is what I said and he laughed....phew!
  4. A piece of glass in your ice
    We know that this can happen...but it's pretty frightening when the piece of glass is thought to be a sliver of ice floating on your diet coke....this didn't end very well.
  5. A cockroach giving birth on a piece of toast...
    It wasn't Mother's Day, and this customer can no longer eat toast I'm sure. I apologized and brought the toast out back and watched the end of the was fascinatingly disgusting.
  6. A rubber band chopped up in a salad....
    This customer thought the almond slivers tasted kind of rubbery...yeah
  7. Flies, spiders, centipedes....
    Sometimes...even after washing lettuce, these critters can hold on pretty tight.
  8. A monarch butterfly wing
    This customer thought it was a decoration on his fruit salad.