You are using public transit or shopping or eating and you hear....
  1. "Omg, I have been through so many bodums"
    Walking by the kitchen aisle at ikea
  2. "....It was satan....I swear"
    Phone conversation next to me at a coffee shop
  3. "Terrorists have dark beards and moustaches"
    2 teen girls discussing everyday subjects
  4. "You tell him to carry her home..."
    An elderly lady on the bus an on her cell phone...
  5. "He wouldn't give up the plug space near the window...."
  6. "No....I don't think I have rabies....(laughter)....
    I got up and sat further away....
  7. "You happy bitch? You can't look at me bitch?"
    Not sure if that was directed at me.
  8. "I'd vote for Sarah Palin!"
    Heard those chilling words on a flight to Tallahassee....need I say more