Top 10 New Orleans Saints All Time

My top 10 New Orleans Saint Players
  1. 1. Drew Brees Got us to the promise land, resurrected a city left for dead, what is there not to love???
  2. 2. Tracy Porter This guy will forever have a special place in New Orleans Saint fan's hearts. When I'm down, I can always replay the Superbowl moment in my head and go to a happy place.
  3. 3. The Dome Patrol Possibly the greatest 4some of linebackers on one team to ever play in the NFL at one time. Rickey Jackson, Pat Swilling, Vaughn Johnson and late great Sam Mills, could have put them in individually, but it felt only right to include them together.
  4. 4. Marques Colston The "Quiet Storm"... nobody earned there money at the receiver position quite like this guy. In the age of the diva receiver, no one exhibited class on and off the field like this guy.
  5. 5. Duece McAllister He ran hard. The heart and soul of this squad during the rise and fall and resurrection of this franchise. Being in the Superdome on Sundays and hearing over 70,000 plus in unison cheer out "Duece....." everytime he got the ball... that alone he makes my list.
  6. 6. Johnathan Vilma
    The Quarterback of the defense, the moment we traded for him I felt he could be the guy who could turn around our defense. We weren't the steel curtain, but we got the job done. Largely in part to this guy.
  7. 7. Morton Anderson A kicker? On your list? Yep, during a time when the defense was unstoppable, he was sometimes our only source of offense, and surely our biggest offensive threat. And when we needed him the most, he never let us down.
  8. 8. Joe Horn Excitement. He provided a lot of great memories in the Superdome win or lose. Vocally a leader in the locker room, but after a big play, ain't no telling what celebration you will get out of Mr. Horn. Guys like Joe played a major part in getting to the point of major success years later...
  9. 9. Jahri Evans & Carl Nicks
    I couldn't say one without the other. This guys opened holes so big I could drive my truck thru them. Watching Carl Nicks blocking on a Pierre Thomas screen play was truly a thing of beauty. The rushing attack in 2009 was unstoppable because of these two. Also did a great job of keeping my quarterback upright. Arguably the greatest guard tandem in NFL history far as I'm concerned.
  10. 10. Jimmy Graham & Darren Sproles
    What is the greatest New Orleans Saint team ever? A lot of people will say the 2010 Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints. I think the 2012 team was way better. Statistically the numbers these 2 guys put up were record breaking, but sad to many Saint fans it was short lived due to scandal and players salaries or whatever, great moments nonetheless.