Was reminiscing with my bro about this story
  1. One day, my brother, our friend and I decided we were going to skip school and take the train to NYC.
    I was a freshman or sophomore in high school and my brother was in Jr. High.
  2. We took the city bus to New Haven and got the commuter train to New York.
    About a 3 hr trip in total. Adventure!
  3. After arriving, we hung out in some food court somewhere and discussed our plans.
    Which consisted of heading to Times Square and buying fireworks, Chinese throwing stars and brass knuckles. Obviously.
  4. Some guy overheard us, approached our table, and told us he knew where to find all of these things.
    How fortunate! We are so lucky. Lead the way, new friend!
  5. Off we went. First stop, an OTB location.
    Not sure what the dude was doing here. Calling his friend to make sure the weapons/fireworks store was open? Maybe he couldn't believe his luck and decided he should bet on the horses.
  6. Then we walked some more, while he explained that we should give him all the money now, since we wouldn't be allowed to go inside the place/store/undisclosed location.
    ALL the money, he suggested. Surely we want as much stuff as we can possibly get.
  7. We insisted that we needed to at least keep enough money on us for the train ride home.
    He didn't object. That would have been suspicious. Truth be told, I was already beginning to have my doubts. I'm pretty sharp.
  8. Also, there would be metal detectors at this place we weren't going inside, so we should give him any watches or jewelry we had.
    At this point, I've definitely realized that this dude is up to no good. Anyway, I don't think any of us had any jewelry.
  9. More walking ...
  10. We arrived at some sort of porn store, which he entered, and told us to wait for him.
    He's gonna come back, right? ... Right?
  11. We didn't know what to do, other than go into the shop next door and tell the lady there what had happened.
    "Oh, he isn't coming back," she assured us. "Probably went straight out the back door."
  12. Well ... That sucked.
    But, we made it home alive. And that guy basically did a public service by keeping the fireworks and weapons out of our hands ... at least for awhile.