Requested by @ChrisK
My first list request. Exciting! Many of my favorite books are non-fiction. Most of the fiction I read is about dystopian societies (aka: do not want to live in!)... So, this might be weird.
  1. Labyrinth
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    (The novelization of the movie.) Yes, that's a thing. I checked it out from my school library, thinking it might be a new story. I was like wow, this is *exactly* the movie ... In any case, I want to go to there.
  2. Ready Player One
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    A chance to explore worlds made up of 80s pop culture? Yes, please!
  3. The Steve Jobs bio
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    Maybe I could get a job at Apple. Or maybe Steve would just yell at me and tell me I suck.
  4. Anything about M C Escher
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    I'd love to step inside some of the impossible architecture.
  5. The Night Circus
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    Fantastical! Lost the dust jacket, so you get an interior shot.
  6. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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    I know, it's just Vegas ... But on the chance I'd run into Hunter S Thompson, with advance knowledge of his mind state, and confident that I'd probably survive the encounter ... it'd be pretty fun to fuck with him.
  7. ILM The Art of Special Effects
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    ILM is the dream.
  8. Modern Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright
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    Houses I could totally live in.
  9. War and Peace
    I've heard it's a REALLY long book, so I might be able to literally live inside it.