Drive by Shooting Photo Tour of Hamden CT

Driving from New Haven back to my parents house in Hamden, I got a brief look at the town I haven't been home to in years. Took some photo highlights.
  1. In honor of new photo features in List Land, here's a photo post. Yay!
  2. New Haven
    Still in New Haven, but wanted to add some more attractive buildings, for balance. #marketing
  3. Brewster
    Technically "Edgerton Park". About 9 city blocks of open fields and wooded glades, complete with a fountain, a bridge, and an underground bunker/satan shrine. Closed after dark, perfect for keg parties.
  4. Eli Whitney Museum
    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. Which has nothing to do with gin & tonics. Unfortunately.
  5. Hamden Hall
    The "other" Hamden high school, where like rich, preppy kids went, & played lacrosse. IDK
  6. The Playwright
    This was called something else when I lived there but I forget what. I went back once, a few years ago, and it was like a high school reunion. Too weird. Can't handle it.
  7. Reservoir or something
    Notice how there's telephone wires in like every picture?
  8. Spring Glen
    Cute neighborhood. Had some friends around here. Got my bike stolen from in front of a similar looking store.
  9. Woodlawn St
    Mischief central
  10. Best Video
    There is still a video store. How does that work? (The "& Coffee" must have something to do with it.
  11. Spring Glen School
    One of several elementary schools in town. I didn't go there.
  12. Sorrento's Pizza
    After college, after moving back home, I delivered pizza at this place, along with a bunch of my juvenile delinquent friends from high school.
  13. Parking lot where I learned to drive
    Some sort of corporate office. My mom took me here for driving lessons when I was 14.
  14. On ramp
    Rt 15 at Whitney Ave. Just for context.
  15. Town House
    Used to be a Howard Johnson's motel & restaurant. We lived there for a month when we first moved to town, before the house we were buying was ready.
  16. Town Hall
    Center of town. Corner of Dixwell and Whitney. Many places I have memories in. The library, the police station, an antique store, restaurants, bars, TCBY, a bike shop I worked at, and the fountain we filled with dish soap BUBBLES on HS graduation day.
  17. Glenwood Diner
    And Kelly's Kone Konnection (huh. This is the first time l noticed the K K K ...) Been there since like forever.
  18. Rainbow Cleaners
    Ya know, washing, dry cleaning, martinizing.
  19. This house
    This place was totally overgrown, practically a haunted house, when I was growing up.
  20. This bridge
    Right near my parents' house. Practiced wall rides on my BMX bike here.
  21. Our block
    My parents live right up the hill from this intersection. For years, there was a bike shop in that building on the left. Later, a comic book shop. Only thing separating our house from here was a Mexican restaurant and woods. This was our biking, roaming, sledding, stomping grounds.
  22. My parents' house
    And this concludes our tour.