This has been quite enlightening and carhartic. Turns out I only post about 2% of the selfies I take. These are just the selfies easily accessible on my phone (which I got in June this year). Edit: I made this list suggestible, so @alexandraeu could add some more.
  1. This is the 2nd pic I took when I got this phone
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    The 1st was a beer
  2. This was supposed to look cool
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    At Barcade in Chicago
  3. 3D glasses
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    Don't remember what movie
  4. Why do I look sad??
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    I am doing lift-accessed mountain biking ... Trust me, I am very happy
  5. Myrtle Beach
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    In the parking lot of an Italian restaurant, I found this wooden frame decorated with pictures of food and the words "selfie spot". Without a selfie stick, I was unable to get the camera far enough away to capture those details.
  6. Dick's Last Resort, Myrtle Beach
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    After crafting my hat, the server licked the bill and stuck it to my forehead. That's the sort of thing they do there. It's "charming".
  7. Riding the balance board
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    Again, very hard to capture the context without giving the camera to someone else
  8. I don't know what the hell this is about
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    Just hanging out on the couch, shirtless.
  9. Walmart shoppers
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    This is probably more embarrassing for my daughter than for me... She's wearing my Eagles t-shirt (which I bought for watching football) and stars & stripes tights.
  10. Yea ... It's a Bud Light.
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    Bought Panthers tickets that included Bud hospitality tent access. All the decent beer (Goose Island) was already gone.
  11. Disney World
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    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, wearing my Vans ugly sweater t-shirt. "Happy Ollie Days"!
  12. Drunk in the Caribbean
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    I had way more painkillers than I had pain ...
  13. word
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    Suggested by @alexandraeu