Inspired by @lesbian
  1. Oh my lord
    Interchangeable with 'omg'
  2. On my level
    These bitches ain't oml
  3. One more list
    Maybe I would utter this late at night when I really need to put down the phone but just can't.
  4. Once in my life
    Oml, I want to ... [bucket list item]
  5. Ow my legs
    After a good bike ride
  6. Off my lunges
    When you take a break from exercise for a lil while
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  7. Oink my life
    When you want to say fml but it's not that serious
    Suggested by @daniela
  8. On my life
    Suggested by @jz
  9. Oh my lanta
    Suggested by @paigeclaudette