Damn you and your IPAs. And, yes, I am a girl and these are Girly Beers. Suck it.
  1. Hideout Coconut Brown
    Someday I will find this in a store, to buy, for real, and I will buy the shit out this beer.
  2. Bell's Hopslam
    I can get a case of this in Indy for $80 bucks, when it's in season. It's totally worth it for the alcohol content alone.
  3. Brooklyn Brewery Black Ops
    All I have to say is, sorry we drank your special beer LP.
  4. Dorian Coconut Stout
    I think that I had this at MicroBrew Fest. I don't remember the festival, but I do remember this beer.
  5. Charles Wells Brewery Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale
    Yeah, well,...like I said, I'm a girl.