1. Learned to loose control
    As someone who doesn't know how to swim yet (still attending lessons) I realized that I will never be able to control the water. But I can manipulate it.
  2. Learned to trust a complete stranger
    My swimming instructor is 19 so at first I was skeptical and a bit embarrassed because I'm 23. In order for me to learn how to swim, I needed to trust a stranger with my life and trust that she will always have my back, literally.
  3. Learned to unblock my mind
    I have realized that swimming is a mental game. If you're scared, your body will tense and will not be able to perform well. I needed to open my mind and that has been harder than the actual swimming.
  4. Learned to trust my intuition
    I now understand a bit more how my body behaves and moves in the water. Oddly enough, I think my intuition has always known what to do in water all these years. So now it's a matter of my body to catch up with my intuition.
  5. Learned how to kick
    When you feel like you're going down, just kick as fast as you can. I sort of knew that, but wasn't sure how to do that exactly. That's where the 1/2 comes from.