6 Bullet Points On Growth

I've always been very self conscious about my behavior. I have always felt like I needed to be an extrovert to have friends and for people to like me. I just graduated college and I have never been true to myself until now.
  1. People along the way will tell you how you should behave
    Be who you feel most comfortable being. If you're quite then stay quite. If you're outspoken then, well you know how it goes.
  2. Being an Introvert
    I keep to myself, but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. More on being an introvert to follow.
  3. Say NO
    I don't mean drugs. I mean work. It has always been hard for me to say no. "Yes, I can do this project. Yes, I can do everything!" No, you can't do everything.
  4. Speak out!
    If you're at a meeting and have an idea or some sort of input, then say it! Let your shyness behind and let your light shine.
  5. Stop thinking you don't know anything
    If you just graduated college like me, then you're probably working with older people and it can be intimidating. But they don't know everything either. You, as a millennial, can teach the older people about today's youths' point of view and technology, which really goes a long way.
  6. Stand up for what you believe, really.
    I have always been quite about being a Christian because that wasn't the most popular topic in high school. But during college, I felt more comfortable with my beliefs and started talking about my church and faith. I found out that many people believe in God, but are just shy to speak about him.