I'm 23 and had my first swimming lesson yesterday!
  1. Water
    The water can be very intimidating, even just in a pool
  2. Fear
    Knowing that I can't touch walls or feel a floor under me made me a little nervous. Just remember, you have someone to help you.
  3. Lifeguard
    Fortunately, I had a great swimming instructor. She encouraged me to be fearless in the water.
  4. Tensing
    It's all in the mind! If you tense up, you will have a much harder time to float and learning to swim, so do yourself a favor and untense.
  5. Trust
    Trust your instructor, they will not let you drown. There's also a lifeguard, so you have double security.
  6. Be friends with the water
    Don't try to fight the water, it will always win. Try to just flow with it.
  7. Partner up
    I'm learning with my twin sister and we were both scared, but we encouraged each other. We reminded ourselves how much we spent on the lessons and that encouraged us to make the most of it 😉