From acceptance letters to cancer to Brazil. Here are the ups and downs of 2016 thus far. #halfwaythroughtheyear
  1. I got accepted to graduate school
    I found out in March, a day before my birthday
  2. Turned 23
  3. Found out my dad had prostate cancer
    My parents told my sister and I right after church on Easter Sunday (March 27th)
  4. My dad had surgery to remove his prostate - March 28th
    Yep! He told us he had cancer a day before his surgery. He is still with us and well, thank God
  5. Numbers 1-4 happened all on the same month, my birthday month, March
  6. I graduated college!
    Class of 2016
  7. My dad lost his job
    He's been job-less for about a month and still looking
  8. LIVE Olympic Program Rio de Janeiro
    My twin sister and I will be going to Brazil to do volunteer work along with other college students #olympics2016
  9. 4 days after I come back from Brazil (God willing) I will start graduate school.
    August 24th
  10. Let's see what the next half of the year brings...