As a college student I have always been the youngest in various meetings
  1. Meetings with Professors
    When I meet with professors who are about 10-30 years older than I am, they always bring up old references or talk about their past, resulting in confusion.
  2. Lab meetings
    I'm a research assistant and the lab meetings consist of much older people, probably 30-40 years older than me. I usually end up teaching them about their phone and technology.
  3. Self confidence
    Being surrounded by older professionals who know what they are talking about is very intimidating. Most of the time I fake my knowledge because the material is over my head. Some how I've made it this far. Fake it 'till you make it!
  4. Future
    In 10 years, when I'm not probably going to be the youngest one in a meeting, I'll probably still be clueless, but with more experience.