I Attended a Fuller House taping on May 20th, 2016 at Warner Brothers. If anyone has specific questions about the taping, feel free to comment below!
  1. Inside Warner Brothers
    Once you make it inside, you get to see different stages from the outside. I saw The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars, and the Big Bang Theory
  2. Stage 24
    This is where Full House and Friends were filmed. Now it belongs to Fuller House
  3. Inside Stage 24
    The stage sits about 200 people, but there are many VIPs so general audience is limited. When you walk in, you go up some stairs to get to the sitting area and the first thing you see is the FH living room!
  4. 4:30pm
    Once everyone is seated, the audience gets to watch an episode of season 1. There are 4 screens and you also watch the taping through the TV screens
  5. TV screens
    The living room and kitchen are the only sets visible to the audience. When they film in the bedrooms or anywhere else you have to watch the TV screens
  6. Cast
    As the episode from season 1 ends, the cast comes out. Everyone is named individually. Overall, it's a bit hard to get to talk to them or have them signed stuff after the show because there are a lot of people, but there's no harm in trying because there's no security.
  7. Sightseeings
    Most of the VIPs sit in the general admission area so I saw Candace's parents, Jodie's daughters and mother, and Andrea's husband.
  8. Bloopers
    I thought I was going to witness a lot of bloopers, but the cast rarely messed up! It was mostly Elias (Max) and Tommy (the baby) who had to do some scenes a couple of times.
  9. Sandwiches
    Audiences Unlimited handed out half- sandwiches to the audience, thank you!
  10. Prizes
    The warm-up comedians did contests and handed out prizes to those who participated. The prizes were candy to props from the set signed by the cast!
  11. 8pm-ish
    The taping was about 4 1/2 hours long, but it was fun to be behind the scenes. I particularly enjoyed seeing Jeff Franklin, FH creator and Exc Producer