I'm a fraternal twin and I call our relationship twinship.
  1. My sister Paulina is one minute older
    Although she's only a minute older, she really owns that minute. She likes to be in charge.
  2. Olsen twins vs Bueno twins
    We both admire MK&A Olsen because we have so many things in common!: we love Full House, they were on Full House. We own their perfume, they own that perfume. We are fraternal twins, they are fraternal twins (trust me, look it up)
  3. We both had the same majors in college
    Yes, we are those type of twins that do everything together. We both had the same major and minor in college. We were also in the same clubs and had the same part time job.
  4. Neither of us play sports
    We have slim body types, but we don't play sports (I should probably explain the tragic/embarrassing baseball moment, but I will not). We actually played violin for 8 years instead.