I'm not a trouble maker, just quite the opposite. Inspired by @barefootmeds
  1. Elementary school
    Trying to climb every fence and for misusing the playground.
  2. Middle school
    Putting dirt in my science teacher's coffee. Then stirring it with a stick from outside 😬
  3. Middle school
    Got blamed for putting a hair in my Spanish teacher's coffee. That was not me.
  4. Middle school
    Putting an eraser in my teacher's coffee. Apparently I had a thing for my teachers' coffee. This one might have been my idea.
  5. High school
    Doing the old switcharoo. I'm a twin so we switched classes and tricked our health and social science teachers.
  6. High school
    My English teacher got mad at me for solving the Rubik's cube in class and took it away. Apparently the class was more entertained by this than by her lecture.
  7. High school
    Taking out my Ipod and recording in class. Those videos made great memories. No regrets.
  8. High school
    In health class during PE time, my friend and I would hide and sit under a tree and wait for the period to end. We got caught, but we still kept hiding.
  9. College
    I accidentally plagiarized the last sentence in a one-page paper. This, unlike all the other stuff, was an honest mistake.
  10. College
    Trying to get away with not taking a final exam in a very non-diplomatic way.
  11. College
    I will probably disclose this last one in about 10 years. Once I'm completely finished with school. But I will say this, it completely saved my GPA.
  12. Graduate school
    I'll see how it goes starting this fall. I will probably have something to write down during the first couple of weeks.