Take a peek inside my imagination
  1. Rainy days were only on Sundays
  2. Fruits were free, but not tomatoes
  3. Birds walked and humans could fly
  4. You didn't need cars, just wings
  5. Everyone was born and instead of speaking, everyone learned to play an instrument.
  6. Producing your own money was not illegal
  7. Famous people were just like everyone else and making movies was really "just a job"
  8. Guns did not exist at all because no one needed one
  9. Apples were blue
  10. We could go back in time, but only to fix mistakes
  11. Everyone could travel 3 times or more (no less) a year without any problems.
  12. There were fireworks every night, not just on 4th of July
  13. The sun didn't burn our skin
  14. Cancer didn't exist
  15. Hospital beds were made just to get away from your family one night when needed
  16. All mammals and reptiles could speak and communicate with us
  17. Women's sports were just as popular and watched as men's sports
  18. There were no terrorists
  19. Humans respected nature
  20. Women didn't have leg hair at all or unnecessary hair overall