What to Say to a Kid when They Ask, "Why Do Your Eyes Look Like Those of a Raccoon?"

I've notice that kids are very honest. Sometimes too honest.
  1. 8 year old kid: Why do you have black under your eyes like a raccoon?
  2. Me: black? Do I have something smeared under my eyes?
  3. 8 year old: No. You have black, like if someone hit you in the eye because they're puffy too!
  4. Me:..... *inside voice* is this kid talking about my eye bags?
  5. Me: *pointing underneath my eyes* these dark round circles?
  6. 8 year old: Yes!!
  7. Me: oh! These are wisdom bags! You'll get them when you get older and smarter. That's where I hide all my wisdom!
  8. 8 year old: oohh.....Ok!
  9. Me: 😑😒 I'm 23 years old.