1. Car seats
  2. Switched at birth scenario
  3. Lizzie Borden
  4. The movie orphan
  5. The show full house
  6. Living wills
  7. Nosefrida
  8. Goth stage
  9. The written scene in the twilight series when Bella gives birth
  10. Doesn't like one direction
  11. Isn't a feminist
  12. Is a Meninist
  13. Likes fathers family more than mine
  14. Needs help with math/science hw
  15. Needs help practicing any sport
  16. The Lie To Me episode with the toy car on the stairs
  17. Any Law and Order: SVU episode
  18. They pick annoying friends
  19. Outie belly button
  20. Being the subject of one of those "inappropriate things my mom has done" lists on the List App