1. The man who sold simit (turkish bagels) in a cart near the road told me my purple highlights looked good, he just noticed that's so cool i immediately felt amazing!
  2. While I was on metrobus (a public transportation vehicle that is a hybrid of a bus and a metro) a couple hopped on. The woman had blonde hair and blue eyes, she had the sweetest face. She was holding a cute baby who was asleep and not crying to my enjoyment. The man was playing the accordion and the woman was holding a cup so people could give them
    coins. They were practically beggers I think but they weren't the pushy type. In fact they were the nicest! The man was smiling while badly playing his instrument. And he gave me a smile and a wink despite not giving his wife any change in front of his eyes a few second ago. The wink wasn't *that* weird but thankfully I was wearing my sunglasses while it happened because eye contact was blocked!