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  1. About capturing moments
  2. Displaying the world in a new light
  3. Insight into another life
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If money wasn't an option? Or if money wasn't a necessity?
  1. Travel blogger
    Written and video content for the purpose of entertaining and educating.
  2. Extreme sports athlete
    Because the only thing you need is adrenaline.
  3. Video gamer
    Who doesn't want to burn their eyes out for hours on end pwning n00bs and enduring the racist screams of pre-pubescent boys?
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People on the road sometimes lack common decency and sense. This is dedicated to those who just should not be behind the wheel of a car.
  1. Tailgating in bumper to bumper traffic
    Why. You aren't going anywhere and you're just gonna cause an accident which in turn causes HEAVIER traffic
  2. Merging into my lane and slowing me down....in the fast lane.
    Again why. You had no reason to merge into my lane as I'm approaching. You clearly saw me coming. You're rude.
  3. Hitting the brakes over and over and over and over and over
    And over and over and over. On a highway. For no reason. At all.
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What happens when one looks up from their phone... Ironically all taken with a phone.
  1. The SF icon.
    Felt like trying something new here.
  2. Marin Headlands
    I was absolutely taken aback by the way the light was hitting the rolling hills. It's a view not many people get to see.
  3. Vista
    Obligatory sunset photo. Oh look, birds!
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