Begleri maintenance

String and polish your Bullet-proof Begleri
  1. Find a clean and clear space to work, and we will begin the simple instruction
  2. Push the string thru the holes to extend out of the large opening
  3. Clip the end off of the string and save longer length for any future repairs.
  4. Now would be a good time to wash and wax your balls 😉 soapy water and a follow up with Carnuba wax. Then buff with a soft cloth.
  5. Measure and cut your desired length; and add apx 1" (24.5mm)
  6. Melt the ends with a lighter; one end pointed, and one end with a blobby mushroom shape.
  7. String the first bead with the pointed end thru the larger hole first, then pull through
  8. Like this
  9. Next, feed the pointed end of the string thru the small hole of the second bead
  10. Like so...
  11. Cut off the tapered tip and fluff it like this
  12. Melt the end into a blob and gently press against the lighter till cool, then pull the string off the lighter
  13. Now the assembly looks like this
  14. Gently pull both beads until the mushroom ends of the string are seated inside of the beads
  15. One more buffing with a cloth and Viola! Play on!
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