Your inner voice is an asshole! Tame that unkind beast.
  1. Speak kindly to yourself, you're doing the best you can given what you know.
  2. Eat foods that make you feel good. Eat what your body needs.
  3. Honor your childish self, what would your four year old self want to do today?
  4. Move your body! Our bodies are the most incredible machines, make it stretch and wiggle.
  5. Treat yo self - get a massage or manicure and eat dessert, you deserve it!
  6. Practice positive affirmations first thing every morning while brushing your teeth. You're smart, you're lovable, you're interesting, you're enough.
  7. Release perfection - it doesn't exist.
  8. Express daily gratitude for who you are at your authentic core.
  9. Every time your inner voice becomes very loud and unkind, breathe in the verbiage, pay attention to where it is coming from and exhale releasing fear. Pull yourself out of an unkind mentality by practicing a self-love meditation (coming soon!)